Shepherding Women


Thabiti and Kristie Anyabwile have identified a crucial aspect of a biblical approach to the discipleship of women. In 2014, Thabiti wrote an article entitled “The Most Neglected Part of the Pastor’s Job Description” which I referred to in an earlier post here. Through studying the Scriptures and ministering to women, they have noticed a crucial blind spot in many evangelical churches in their approach to fulfilling the Great Commission. There has been a fair amount of attention given by women’s group to Titus 2:3-5 to help women mature in the faith. However, in the context of Titus, it is the qualified elders who are to identify and equip the older women according to sound doctrine, so they might teach what is good to the younger women.

Here is a four-part podcast series on this topic of Shepherding Women with Thabiti and Kristie Anyabwile, produced by The Front Porch. I am so thrilled that they are offering their wisdom and pointing us to God’s Word on this essential aspect of making disciples.

Shepherding Women: Are Women Under Shepherded?

Shepherding Women: What is the Shepherd’s Responsibility for Women in the Congregation?

Shepherding Women: What Boundaries Must Be Maintained?

Shepherding Women: Beyond the Nursery – Getting Women on Mission





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