The Problem of Accidental Feminism (Part 8 of 8)

This series of posts has presented the problem of the emerging generation of accidental feminists. There are an increasing number of young Christian women in evangelical churches who lack a proper understanding of biblical womanhood, identity in Christ, and a mature knowledge of the Bible. Some of the contributing causes to this problem were presented, including the impact of the feminist movement on the church, the lack of older women teaching younger women, and the effect of church elders neglecting to intentionally disciple older women for this task. A brief survey of the state of practice in the church revealed that while much has been done to develop women’s ministry programs and curriculum, very little evidence shows that elders are embracing their mandate to intentionally equip older women to train younger women. Observations on the present state of practice in Canada were presented and field research was proposed that will facilitate the testing of these perceptions. In summary, this series offered a brief overview of a problem in the church that requires further attention. Over the next while, I look forward to doing more research and writing on this topic that I might help direct women to the truths of God’s Word about his good design for their lives. I pray that the Lord will speak through his Scriptures to help churches define and implement a plan for the intentional discipleship of women, considering the roles of elders, older women, and younger women.

In her response to the rise of accidental feminism in the church, Courtney Reissig astutely declares, “Recovering from feminism and embracing God’s idea of womanhood is far more than a throwback to a 1950s television show.”[1] While there have been initial steps made to address this growing concern in the church, there is much more work to be done. This is an extremely relevant project for younger women in particular. For if they are not equipped to become the older women described in Titus 2, the biblical identity of the next generation of women could be in serious jeopardy. Let us pray  that the church in Canada will seek to be rooted in all of Scripture, taking seriously God’s original design for man and woman, and his intentional strategy to make disciples of Jesus Christ.

[1] Courtney Reissig, The Accidental Feminist: Restoring Our Delight in God’s Good Design(Wheaton: Crossway,2015), 16.



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