Between Two Worlds

Justin Taylor blog

In our media driven culture today, many believers are becoming disciples of online preaching, teaching, and writing. It is crucial that we develop discernment, by learning the Scriptures and thinking critically about what we hear and see online. We must constantly strive to determine which resources are seeking to uphold the authority of the Bible and exalt the gospel of Jesus Christ.

“Between Two Worlds” is a excellent blog written by Justin Taylor, senior vice president and publisher for Crossway books. Taylor gives great insight to a variety of topics on faith, books, and culture. He seeks to equip believers to respond biblically to important and controversial subjects such as abortion, planned parenthood, and same-sex marriage, and many other topics impacting the Church.

I recently had the privilege of hearing Justin give a series of talks on portraits of grace in Scripture and church history. He is a humble teacher with great insight and depth.  He has also edited and contributed to a number of books, including a new series on great men of the Christian faith.  See all of Justin’s books here:

Check out his blog here:


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