Our Families and Media Choices

The Southern Blog

How do we help kids navigate our media driven culture? In a day when everyone has a screen in their pocket, they are bombarded with messages from advertisements, internet clips, video games, TV, movies, and all types of social networking. As parents we must take care to develop discernment in these areas so that we can model and teach these skills to the next generation.

The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary has an excellent blog with great articles on a wide range of topics from current events and book reviews, to discipleship in the home and church.

Check out this article, “Shepherding Your Children Through Media Choices”. In this post, Kurt Gebhards discusses the necessity of parents first setting an example of making positive media choices, both in quality and quantity. He encourages parents to become educated and informed of the content that their children are being exposed to. Gebhards suggests that we should take an active role by investing quality time into the spiritual development of our families, which will often require turning off the media around us. He then gives 5 practical suggestions on how we can assess our media consumption and take steps toward investing our leisure time in more Christ-centered ways. See the full article and other great resources here:



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