God Wrote a Book

I love this video about the amazing fact that the Bible is God’s own book that we can read, listen to, and treasure! Yet, do we truly see it for the gift that it is?  Do we settle in to our mundane routines and neglect the richest resource ever known to humanity? Why is it that we fall into patterns where we don’t desire God’s very own words?

Notice the powerful imagery here, as you see the runner disciplined in his daily routine along the same old route. Yet he presses on….even when it doesn’t always feel good…as if he cannot stop running.  The scenery becomes more amazing…as he breaks through…to see the never ending beauty that exists!

The truth and freedom in Christ revealed through Scripture is awe-inspiring, eternal, and more than sufficient. May we press on to look through the window of God’s Word for glimpses of his grace, glory, and eternal plans for his people.



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