Are We Discipling Women or Just Hosting Them?

In my experience in a variety of church contexts and talking with many women, it seems there are a lot of neat programs, events, retreats, and Bible studies happening.  However, churches that are engaging in a Biblical model of the discipleship of women seem to be few and far between.

This is a great nine-part series, “Are We Discipling Women or Just Hosting Them?” posted by Chris Adams, who is the lead for women’s ministry at Lifeway Christian Resources.  She poses a number of questions to challenge churches to take a fresh look at our women’s programming to see if we are being intentional about our discipleship of women.

Adams discusses how Jesus was a disciple-maker and what spiritual maturity looks like.  She challenges leadership to be always maturing in Christ and offers some ideas on how to assess our current ministries.  Adams defines discipleship and addresses the importance of equipping future leaders.  Finally, she rightly upholds the centrality of Scripture as the basis for all of our disciple-making efforts.

I am thrilled to see more resources emerging that are identifying this as a much needed focus for women to be constantly growing in Christ.  I believe the intentional, Biblical discipleship of women is crucial to the health of both our older churches and new church plants.

There are many other excellent resources on the Lifeway Women’s Ministry blog.  Check out the four-part series here:


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