What’s in the Bible?

If you are looking for some family-friendly media for the kids in your life, the “What’s in the Bible?” series is a great choice.  After creating VeggieTales, Phil Vischer wanted to create something that would help kids and their families really understand the Bible and how each story fits together.  It is very well done and does not stretch or downplay the truths of Scripture.  Instead Vischer uses creativity, humour, and a cast of puppets and songs to present God’s Word in an engaging and interactive way.

For younger ones, I would start with “What’s in the Bible: The Songs!” which you can get on DVD or CD.  Each song presents a portion of the Bible in a fun way that younger children will enjoy and sing along with.  It’s amazing how much of an overview it gives us as adults too—I’d like to say it’s a refresher course for me but let’s be honest—I still have yet to sing through all the kings of Judah.  Check out this series here:



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