Listening to Lyrics…

Grace Has Come

When I travel, I enjoy tuning in to local Christian radio stations to hear the latest music or teachers being broadcast.  Sometimes I have to cringe at some of the lyrics I hear, making Jesus sound like our buddy or boyfriend we want to squeeze so tight (even cringing as I type that).  In reality, Jesus Christ is our Saviour, Great High Priest, and King!

Do you think carefully about the lyrics of worship music and Christian songs?  We should seek to be reverent and humble in our musical worship, giving our Great God the respect and adoration he deserves.  We should sing and meditate on our depravity apart from Christ, his sovereign plans for eternity, and our salvation as a gift by grace through faith.

One worship album that gives appropriate attention to these themes is Grace Has Come: Songs from the Book of Romans by Sovereign Grace Music.  Who knew you could sing through the book of Romans?  I love that this group has succeeded in this very endeavor!  When looking for Christian music to add to your collection, check out artists who are putting Scripture to music and focus on the person of Christ in their lyrics.  You can see this and other albums here:


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