Seeds Family Worship

Seeds Family Worship

It is amazing what children and youth retain and repeat.  They are like little sponges soaking up the world all around them, digesting the things they see and hear.  Do you think about the lyrics you sing at church, listen to on the radio, or hear out in public?  Are they promoting the things of God that are pure, excellent, and worthy of praise?  Or are they neutral, self-focused, or in complete opposition to the truths of Scripture?  Seeds Family Worship is a ministry that is devoted to helping families experience God’s word through music.  They have taken Bible verses and put them to music that is fun and enjoyable to listen to for family members of all ages.  It is a great way to memorize Scripture, to get your family thinking about it, and to help transform even the most mundane tasks into worship.  Music has a way of “getting stuck” in our heads…may we be women who actively think about the lyrics we are hearing.  Let us seek to provide our families with opportunities to worship, develop a discerning ear, and have a few kitchen dance parties in the process!


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