Training for Women Bible Teachers

Workshops on Biblical Exposition

The Charles Simeon Trust is offering a workshop for women Bible teachers in Toronto this fall! Here is a description of the workshop being held at Olivet Baptist Church in Toronto on October 19-21, 2017:

“The Charles Simeon Trust aims to help recover the centrality of expository teaching of the Word of God, for the health and benefit of the church in our own and future generations. Training women to teach the Bible to other women is vital for building up the church and equipping its members to live out the truths of the gospel. This Workshop on Biblical Exposition is designed for women who are currently in a teaching ministry with the responsibility to teach the Bible regularly. It is open to women who lead in regular teaching ministries including large group instructors, small group teachers, and women’s and children’s ministry leaders appointed by their churches.”

Click here for more information and to register.



Equipping Women of Influence in the Church

Are you a woman who is teaching, writing, or leading other women in the church? These main sessions from the Revive’15 Conference are very helpful for equipping women in ministry, teaching, and writing. The eight plenary sessions are available online here. If you only have time for two, be sure to check out Jen Wilkin’s “Teaching the Word in Fear and Fearlessness,” and Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth’s “A Charge to Teach the Word.”

You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby!

Mary Kassian gives a helpful overview of the feminist movement and its impact on the evangelical church. We must be aware of both the positive and negative effects of the movement, and how feminism has influenced our thinking and practice. Mary reminds us to hold firm to God’s good and wise design for male and female according to Scripture. She will be teaching again this year at Revive ’17, Adorned: Women Mentoring Women The Titus 2 Way.

Discipling Young Women (Part 5): Methods for Discipleship

We have established that in order to effectively minister to young women through the local church, elders should train the older women in three major areas: (1) Identity in Christ as Disciples; (2) Identity in Christ as Women; and (3) Identity in Christ as Mothers. According to Titus 2:3-5, the older women are to teach and encourage the young women in these three areas of emphasis. There are practical ways that elders can equip the older women to teach the young women in three types of settings: large groups, small groups, and one-to-one ministry. Continue reading

Discipling Young Women (Part 4): Materials for Discipleship

Identity in Christ as Disciples

First, church elders must equip the older women to teach the young women about their identity in Christ as disciples. Foundationally, young women need to develop an understanding of all that is eternally true and significant of their identity because of the person and work of Jesus Christ. As adopted children of God and full heirs with Christ, there are abundant promises in Scripture that are true regardless of any season of life women will pass through. Continue reading

Discipling Young Women (Part 3): How Should the Local Church Disciple Young Women?

In the previous posts, a biblical rationale for the discipleship of young women was established and the group was defined as young adult women of the Millennial Generation who are in the season of marriage, parenting, and homemaking. The discussion will now consider how to most effectively minister to this demographic, in light of the research that was presented. A recent study demonstrated that young adults are leaving the church in staggering numbers.[1] At the same time, research indicates that young adults value the influence of older generations. Continue reading

Discipling Young Women (Part 2): Who Are the Young Women?

What defines a young adult woman? Lawson explained, “Adulthood is reached when individuals become personally accountable for themselves and accept adult responsibilities. Adulthood is another stage of life that, in itself, has many more stages.”[1] Within the lifestage of adulthood there are levels of development, such as “emerging adulthood” and “young adulthood.”[2] For the purpose of this discussion, attention will be given to young adult women who are currently between sixteen and thirty-six years of age. This group is referred to as the Millennial Generation, Continue reading

Discipling Young Women (Part 1): Biblical Rationale

Scripture offers numerous reasons to focus on the discipleship of young women. This discussion will consider four major aspects of this biblical mandate. First, Jesus gave the Great Commission so that his followers would make and develop disciples. Second, the example of Jesus and other New Testament writers demonstrated the importance of teaching adults. Third, Paul specifically addressed the need to disciple young women in the season of marriage, parenting, and homemaking. Fourth, sin distorted the blessing of childbearing and relationships for women, and made this season of life painful and challenging. Continue reading

“Sister, You Can Do Hard Things”


In this excellent article, Amy Gannett offers words of encouragement for women who want to know the Bible, but find it to be challenging. She makes it clear that studying the Scriptures is “not necessarily an easy task, but, sister, you can do hard things.” Getting to know God through His Word requires persistence and practice. Check out the helpful article here.